Ballpoint Wood Pens

My custom wood pens are handcrafted from: Cocobolo, Pernambuco, Rosewood, Birdseye Maple, Mesquite, Tulipwood, Cardinalwood, Dymondwood, Satine, Deer Antler, Texas Ebony, Tambootie, Bethlehem Olive Wood, Ancient Kauri Wood and more!
This first group of very colorful pens is crafted from "Dymondwood" which is laminated North American Birch, cut into thin strips, dyed, and reassembled into blocks using special resins and high pressure.  The resulting block is very stable, colorful and can be cut in various ways to achieve dramatic patterns.  The finished pen is buffed to a high gloss finish that will stay on for the life of the pen.  Also check out my Spectraply pens seen below, that are new for 2015!!!
All Dismore Woodworks ballpoints use "Cross" type refills that you can find at office supply stores, have Platinum hardware that will look great for the life of the pen and not wear off, include a free solid maple gift box, and are only $45 unless indicated otherwise. customers please post a comment and "like"my facebook business page!
 Celebrating my 21st anniversary of crafting  the highest quality custom writing instruments

custom wood pen
Platinum Magnum Dymondwood  ITEM #10 Add to CCNow Cart

Platinum Dakota Dymondwood  ITEM #11 Add to CCNow Cart

Platinum Field & Stream Dymondwood   ITEM #12Add to CCNow Cart


  Platinum Bubblegum Dymondwood  ITEM# 305  Add to CCNow Cart

rainbow wood pen

  Platinum Rainbow Dymondwood   ITEM# 306 Add to CCNow Cart

peacock wood pen
   Platinum Peacock Dymondwood  ITEM# 307 Add to CCNow Cart

oasis custom pen
New for Jan. 2017  Platinum  Oasis Dymondwood  ITEM# 308  Add to CCNow Cart

Platinum Hot Fuchsia "Ladies favorite" Dymondwood   ITEM #15 Add to CCNow Cart

  Platinum Navy Blue Dymondwood   ITEM #14 
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  Platinum Mopani (Africa, South Africa)  ITEM #28 Add to CCNow Cart

Platinum Birdseye Maple (N. America)   ITEM #17 Add to CCNow Cart  


Platinum Texas Ebony (South Texas)   ($55.00)  ITEM  #20 Add to CCNow Cart

  rhodesian teak
   Platinum  Rhodesian Teak    ITEM  #18  Add to CCNow Cart

    Platinum  Tambootie (Tanzania)   ITEM #26 Add to CCNow Cart

Platinum Cocobolo  (Central America)  ITEM  #21 Add to CCNow Cart
Since 1996, Cocobolo has been my best selling wood!

Platinum Lauro Preto (Tropical South America)   ITEM #22Add to CCNow Cart

Platinum Cardinalwood  (Brazil)  ITEM #24 Add to CCNow Cart  

Brand New for 2015,  is a group of five new colors I now have available in a laminated material called Spectraply. 
Very similar to Dymondwood, SpectraPly is premium yellow birch veneer laminated into some awesome color combinations.  Each pen will have a unique combination of colors due to how I drill out the pen blank.  No two will be exactly the same.  It is often used for gunstocks, also for game calls, bow handles, pistol grips, sling shots .....and of course as you will see here in my custom design - some really awesome custom pens!


Platinum Gemwood Spectraply   ITEM #300 Add to CCNow Cart


Platinum Firestorm Spectraply   ITEM #301  Add to CCNow Cart


Platinum Gatorwood Spectraply   ITEM #302 Add to CCNow Cart


Platinum Southwest Spectraply   ITEM #303Add to CCNow Cart


Platinum Aquafire Spectraply   ITEM #304 Add to CCNow Cart

custom wood pen

Platinum Festival Spectraply   ITEM#305    Add to CCNow Cart

Platinum Bethlehem Holy Land Olive Wood  ($55) ITEM #30 Add to CCNow Cart

This is the most beautiful wood I have ever worked with. Each pen is very striking and highly figured. Includes a certificate of authentication that the wood came from prunings from trees in Bethlehem (no trees were damaged)
Bethlehem Olive Wood pens are $55

For Bethlehem Olive Wood, due to the tremendous grain activity - if you want engraving,
 I recommend engraving the maple gift box instead of the pen itself.

Free solid maple case shown below (you will see similar cases as a $10.00-$18.00 option on other websites) is included with all my CUSTOM WOOD PENS  for a classy gift presentation.  No cheap plastic boxes here!  Included in each case is a wood identification card and refill instructions for the custom pen you have ordered.


Need Laser Engraving? 

First, be sure to allow one week for engraving - that's the time it takes the engraving service after I craft the pen.
It's only $10.00 additional per pen (or box) and If you want both a pen and box engraved please add the second engraving charge to the quantity in your cart.
  Engraving shows up best on light colored woods like the birdseye maple example shown below, or cardinalwood, deer antler, teak or pernambuco.  It will not show up as well on dark woods like cocobolo, Texas ebony, mopani, tambootie, or multi-colored Dymondwood, tru-stone or celluloid, and is not recommended!
For Bethlehem Olive Wood, due to the tremendous grain activity - I recommend engraving the maple gift box instead of the pen itself.  For best results on pens, please limit your text to one line of 14 characters maximum, including spaces.   For boxes you may engrave up to two lines of text.  Laser engraved items are not returnable.

Be sure to click Item #100 (below) to add engraving to your order (indicate either pen or box)

 LASER ENGRAVING    $10.00  ITEM #100 Add to CCNow Cart

  New for 2006! If you choose a dark wood, or patterned dymondwood for your pen, you may wish to have the maple gift box engraved, instead of the pen (not both)  Just specify "engrave the box" in the special instructions.  Up to two lines may be engraved.
Here is an example of an engraved maple gift box:   Again, be sure to add item #100 Laser Engraving (shown above)

More laser engraved examples here: 

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