Texas Ebony Wood Pens

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 Celebrating my 22nd anniversary of crafting  the highest quality custom writing instruments

Texas Ebony (Pithecellobium flexicaule ) ( Ebony Blackbeard) is a rare, expensive wood, only found in the very southern part of Texas.  The tree can reach 50 feet in the woods along the Rio Grande. It has rich brown heartwood and light sapwood with a slight tinge of green overall.  This is a gorgeous, tight-grained wood that is my favorite native Texas wood to work with.  It finishes extremely well (even better than mesquite) in my opinion, and would make a great gift for someone who appreciates something that is native to Texas and  hand-crafted in Texas, or the USA.   I have created a special card for these pens to show the pride of Texas craftsmanship!   Enjoy.


       Platinum Texas Ebony (South Texas) Ballpoint  wood pen  (Cross refills) $55   ITEM  #20

Platinum Texas Ebony (South Texas) Gel/Rollerball  wood pen (Pilot G2 Gel refills)  $65   ITEM #79

Additional Texas Woods

I am gradually adding some more of the finest native Texas woods that turn into great pens!  I will include a custom "Texas" card like the one shown above for Texas Ebony.
Makes a proud statement of  Texas craftmanship.  Click the "Home" button at the bottom of the page to return to my home page:  Pendesigns.com

texas pecan rollerball
  Platinum Texas Pecan  Gel/Rollerball  wood pen (Pilot G2 Gel refills)  $60   ITEM #602

  Platinum Texas Spalted Sycamore  Gel/Rollerball  wood pen (Pilot G2 Gel refills)  $60   ITEM #603 

  Platinum Texas Black Cherry  Gel/Rollerball  wood pen (Pilot G2 Gel refills)  $60   ITEM# 604

Texas Live Oak
Platinum Texas Live Oak  Gel/Rollerball  wood pen (Pilot G2 Gel refills)  $60   ITEM# 605 

Below is a block of Texas Ebony that I am currently using:

I am a "Square Merchant" and accept payments for all of the pens on this website through Square.  After you have selected the custom pen that you would like to purchase, please send me an email at: pendesigns@gmail.com  and be sure to include the ITEM#, your Name, and shipping address, and in the subject line put "custom pen order  I will respond the same day and send you a "Square Merchant" invoice for your payment.  I ship to USA addresses only (no international) and ship by USPS Priority mail (with tracking info) for only $8.00


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