Stabilized Spalted Wood Pens  and Wood Burl Pens

These collector grade pens are made from very rare stabilized woods, spalted woods, and burls.  All pens use the Pilot G2 GEL refills, are $65.00 each and include the free wood gift case shown below.
The stabilization process is necessary to insure that the spalted woods and burls will retain structural integrity for life, and also offers the possibility for dying the wood in unique colors.  Spalted woods and burls are the best that mother nature can offer to the woodturner!   Please compare these with other custom, spalted wood pens with Platinum fittings costing hundreds of dollars!   Any of these pens would make a fantastic gift for a business executive, retirement gift, or graduation reward.

New for April 2011
Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Stabilized Ambrosia Maple ITEM#253 Add to CCNow Cart

curly mango
  Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Curly Mango  (Hawaii)  ITEM # 251 Add to CCNow Cart

Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Stabilized Maple Burl (Dyed Blue)  ITEM#612Add to CCNow Cart

  Platinum Gel/Rollerball in "Cats Eye Blue" stabilized curly maple  ITEM #607Add to CCNow Cart

amboyna burl
   Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Amboyna Burl (Laos)  ITEM #601Add to CCNow Cart

stabilized box elder
Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Stabilized Box Elder Burl   ITEM #611Add to CCNow Cart
ITEM #611 is out of stock, sorry

Platinum Gel/Rollerball in Stabilized Afzelia Lay (Laos)   ITEM# 600Add to CCNow Cart 

Free solid maple case shown below (you will see similar cases as a $10.00-$18.00 option on other websites) is included with all my CUSTOM WOOD PENS  for a classy gift presentation.  No cheap plastic boxes here!  Included in each case is a wood identification card and refill instructions for the custom pen you have ordered.


Are you a serious pen collector who will use only high quality fountain pens?   You may choose any of the  CUSTOM WOOD PENS  from the gel/rollerball page, (not the ballpoints page) then simply add the fountain pen tip (rollerball upgrade kit) listed here. I'll replace the rollerball tip with the fountain pen tip. Tip will ship "dry" so you will ink it for the first time!  It's $95 additional, and includes a solid 14k "585" medium nib, a bulk ink pump, and starter "international" type cartridge.  Extra cartridges are available at Staples Office Supply as "Allwrite #8004-32"  
These solid 14k nibs simply glide over the page with no pressure, and are vastly superior to cheaper "Iridium tipped" steel nibs.  They are hand made by a German manufacturer who makes 80% of the 14k nibs used by the major pen manufacturers.  The nib is the most important part of a fountain pen, so it pays to get the very best!

14knib14kfountain pen

                                                                   Sorry, Item #110 is sold out!

To view other Platinum Rollerball pens in exotic woods please go to my rollerball page
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